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  • Have You been a victim of defamatory content, is it affecting your daily life?

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Understanding Defamation and Your Legal Rights on Defamatory Content

Have you been a victim of defamation?

The lawyers at Pascale Law are here to help protect your rights. In most cases people do not know what rights they have and what kind of recourse there is in a defamation case. This site is here to help you understand how defamation works and what you can do about it. Should you want your case reviewed please follow the Submit a case link below.

Do you need a lawyer right away?

Do not let your self become a victim of defamation.

Have you been victimized by Yelp, Google, Facebook or any other site?

The Law Offices of Pascale Law are here to help you understand your rights. In many cases websites like Yelp, facebook, google and many more allow content to be published without fact finding, our practice can help. We will do all the leg work to either modify, un-publish or take down the offensive content.